CD/Vinyl Review Round-Up #3

This week, in issue 3, I offer you a round dozen of recent releases for review, splitting the content into CD and Vinyl For your delectation, this week… ON VINYL TIMO LASSY Title: Big Brass Label: Must Have Jazz  Subtitled, …With Ricky-Tick Big Band Brass Live at Savoy Theatre Helsinki, and spanning two slabs of vinyl, this is Finish sax man Lassy fronting a multi-horn brass section that’s used to pushing boundaries, backing rap artists, for example. Meanwhile, arranger and conductor Valtteri Pöyhönen, provides a cooling atmosphere to the occasion. Even the more energetic sequences are infused with air and space, lending the performance a naturalise presentation.  Combining a mixture of soul and free jazz, tradition and innovation, this is a well mastered release packed with quality jazz. BEATS Title: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack  Label: Republic of Music Taken from the Beats film that focuses on the 1994 dance scene “The explosion of the free party scene…a journey into the underworld…full-on collision with the forces of law and order…coming of age story…” I’m sure you know what to expect in movie terms but this double vinyl album is packed with classic dance tracks of the time including Orbital’s Belfast, Model […]

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